Established in 2000 by Maria Flynn Conway, following 23 years in the International Travel Industry, Celtic Journeys is committed to providing excellence in service to all our clients. Our clientèle includes groups, families, individual travellers, corporations and associations. Repeat travellers and referrals from those who have travelled with us before make up the largest part of our business.

 Born and raised in Waterford, Ireland, Maria has resided in St. Paul, Minnesota since 1996, returning home regularly to visit the properties we recommend and to stay up to date with current trends. Jean Wynne joined our journey in 2011. Jean enjoys working with small groups of specialised crafts and professional experts wishing to share their knowledge on a unique adventure in other lands and help you incorporate new skills into whatever your passion may be.

 Our base in Waterford, Ireland is expertly run by Maria’s brother Owen Flynn, with over 18 years of experience in welcoming visitors to Ireland, Owen is on hand to ensure that your trip is as seamless as possible. Paddy Grant, one of our intrepid driver/guides, is also available to assist and ensure your time in Ireland is a memorable experience.

 Like the Celts before us, Celtic Journeys travels to many lands. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of these destinations with you. Our Rule “if we have been there and found it inspiring, we love to share the destination with friends,old and new.”

 We look forward to sharing our special destinations with you, escorting you through Ireland or helping you plan your own private journey, and working closely with you to create an extraordinary journey full of lasting memories.

This blog and our Twitter is managed by Jessica Flynn

Most of our photos come from Ireland’s Content Pool, Pexels, or our own cameras!

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